The Awards Jury comprises the Board, the Academic and Business Steering Committees, the Editorial Committee and the Readers. Each of these contribute to the Awards selection process. The Editorial Committee of the Institute of Competition Law selects a pool of articles based on Steering Committees members suggestions. The Steering Committees members and the Readers then each make a short list of the most interesting articles. The Board members finally select the award-winning articles among the short lists provided by the Steering Committees and the Readers.

The Board

The Board members for the Antitrust Writing Awards are:

- Douglas H. GINSBURG, George Mason University School of Law, Professor
- Frédéric JENNY, OECD Competition Committee, Chairman
- William KOVACIC, George Washington University Competition Law Center, Professor
- Johannes LAITENBERGER, DG COMP, Director-General
- Maureen OHLHAUSEN, FTC, Acting Chairman
- Rose WEBB, Competition Commission Hong Kong, Chief Executive Officer
- Marc van der WOUDE, General Court, Court of Justice of the European Union, Judge
- Joshua WRIGHT, George Mason University School of Law, Professor

Academic Steering Committee

The Steering Committee members for the Antitrust Academic Writing Awards are:

- Christian BOVET, University of Geneva Law School
- Michael CARRIER, Rutgers Law School
- Andy CHEN, Chung Yuan Christian University
- Daniel CRANE, University of Michigan Law School
- Josef DREXL, Max Planck Institute
- Nicholas ECONOMIDES, New York University Stern
- Ariel EZRACHI, Oxford University
- Amelia FLETCHER, University of East Anglia
- Eleanor FOX, New York University School of Law
- Michal GAL, University of Haifa
- Andrew GAVIL, Howard University School of Law
- David GERBER, Kent College of Law, Chicago University
- Alison JONES, King’s College London
- Ioannis LIANOS, University College London
- Leslie MARX, Duke University
- Douglas MELAMED, Stanford Law School
- Aviv NEVO, University of Pennsylvania
- Nicolas PETIT, University of Liege
- Daniel SOKOL, Levin College of Law, University of Florida
- Florian WAGNER-VON PAPP, University College London
- Xiaoye WANG, Institute of Law - Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
- Spencer WEBER WALLER, Loyola University of Chicago
- Wouter WILS, King’s College London

Business Steering Committee

The Steering Committee members for the Antitrust Business Writing Awards are:
- Sanna-Maria BERTELL, Procter & Gamble
- Timothy BOYLE, Eaton
- Marc BROTMAN, Pfizer
- Sabine CHALMERS, AB In-Bev
- Olaf CHRISTIANSEN, Bertelsmann
- Danielle CLARK, HP Inc.
- Anna Rosa COSI, SanDisk
- Ief DAEMS, Cisco
- Martin DAJANI, Etihad Airways
- Malik DHANANI, Mastercard
- Wolfgang HECKENBERGER, Siemens
- Mathew HEIM, Qualcomm
- Camilla HOLTSE, Maersk
- Julia HOLTZ, Google
- Robert C. HUNTER, The Clearing House
- Dina KALLAY, Ericsson
- Michele LEE, Twitter
- Gail LEVINE, Uber
- Rosanna LIPSCOMB, Google
- Robert MAHNKE, PayPal
- Martina MAIER, Unilever
- Tilman MAKATSCH, Deutsche Bahn
- Gabriel MCGANN, Coca-Cola
- James MURRAY, Intel
- Paolo PALMIGIANO, Sumitomo Electric Industries
- Johanne PEYRE, Pearson
- Alvaro RAMOS, Qualcomm
- Anne RILEY, Shell International
- Nikhil SHANBHAG, Facebook
- Greg SIVINSKI, Microsoft
- Abigail SLATER, The Internet Association
- Mathias TRAUB, Bosch
- Suzanne WACHSSTOCK, American Express
- Maria WASASTJERNA, Nokia
- Chuck WEBB, ASDA
- Gary ZANFAGNA, Honeywell

Editorial Committee

The Editorial Committee members for the Antitrust Writing Awards are:

- Nicolas CHARBIT, Chief Editor, Concurrences Review
- Elisa RAMUNDO, Managing Editor, Concurrences Review
- Fanny MEJANE, Deputy Chief Editor, Concurrences Review
- Edouard VERTE, Deputy Chief Editor, e-Competitions
- Carolina MALHADO, Associate Editor, Concurrences Review
- Ellie YANG, Associate Editor, Concurrences Review
- Camila RINGELING, Guest Editor, Concurrences Review


The readers are the 21.500 subscribers to Concurrences Review and its sister publication, e-Competitions Bulletin. Around half of them are private practice practitioners, the other half being counsels, enforcers and academics. One third of these are located in North America, two thirds abroad.