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What is Trump Antitrust?

Christopher J. Meyers et al., Concurrences, 2016

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Our world feels like it is changing at an unprecedented rate. Those rapid
changes have created radical shifts in how we view it. Particularly for the United
States, which long played the role of undisputed global leader, this new world
order is generating deep anxiety, for its citizens and the country. Why do we
face such income inequality? What do we do about the shrinking middle class?
Is our form of democracy captured and ineffective? Is globalism good or bad,
and is it inevitable either way? Has capitalism failed? These questions prey on
us daily. The unsatisfying answers to many of these questions are the reason for
the increase in populism and nationalism in the U.S.—and elsewhere—and for
an election season like no other in memory. As the U.S. moves forward under a
Trump Administration, how can we expect antitrust enforcement to play a role,
and what role should it play? ...

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