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Ramping Up of Antitrust Enforcement in the Chinese Pharmaceutical Sector

Nicholas French, Freshfields, September 2016

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NDRC fines three Chinese pharmaceutical companies for anti-competitive conduct.
China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), one of China’s three agencies responsible for antitrust enforcement, recently published its decisions to fine three Chinese companies active in the manufacture of estazolam (a drug commonly used to treat insomnia) for refusing to supply estazolam active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) to other estazolam tablet manufacturers and raising estazolam tablet prices. The conduct was held to have infringed China’s Anti-Monopoly Law (AML) which prohibits, among other things, price-fixing and joint-boycotts. The NDRC imposed total fines of approximately RMB 2.6 million (approximately USD 418,057) on the three companies.

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