Petre Alexandru Biolan

Petre Alexandru Biolan

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Alexandru Biolan is a member of the Legal Service of the European Commission dealing with cartel cases (e.g. Bananas, Mountings for windows, TV & Computer Monitor Tubes, Smart Card Chips, Optical Disk Drives, Retail Food Packaging, Power Cables, Trucks) antitrust (e.g. Container Shipping, Star alliance, SkyTeam) abuses of dominance (OPCOM and Reel/Alcan) and merger cases (e.g. Caterpillar/MWM, Delta/Virgin, Ryanair/Aer Lingus III, UPS/TNT, FedEx/TNT). Alexandru holds a Master’s degrees from Paris Dauphine University, a diploma in common law from Paris Descartes University, a bachelor degree from Bucharest University, as well as a bachelor degree in European Law from Paris 1 Sorbonne University. Alexandru’s previous experience includes one year as a case handler at the Registry of the European Court of Human Rights and two years in law firms in Bucharest, Romania. He published several articles on EU competition law related topics.

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