Best Soft Law presentation

The "Best Soft Law" selection was featured for the first time in the 2015 edition of the Antitrust Writing Awards. This selection aims to contribute to developing antitrust culture and awareness. Alongside the ICN work, it seeks to support international antitrust advocacy by drawing attention towards the most meaningful competition agency practices. It singles out some of the most interesting administrative practices that could be usefully applied more generally. The “Best Soft Law” is neither an award nor a ranking but a mere selection of some of the « best » soft laws.

Publications are judged according to practical relevance, innovation and the contribution they make to competition advocacy. Eligible publications are non-enforcement tools such as guidelines, market studies, white papers etc., issued in 2015 by competition agencies. An English version or abstract must be available. The selection will be announced at the Antitrust Writing Awards Gala Dinner on April 5, 2016.