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Guidelines of the Concept of Public Support for Revitalization in view of Competition Policy

Japanese Fair Trade Commission, Guidelines, 2016

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1. In the Interim Report (released on December 19, 2014) of the Study Group on Competition Policy and Public Support for Revitalization organized in accordance with the decision of the Minister of State for Special Missions, Cabinet Office, it was stated that it would be appropriate for the Japan Fair Trade Commission to develop and release a cross-industrial sectorial guideline incorporating some factors of which supporting organizations should be aware in view of competition policy, when providing public support for revitalization. Following this reference, the Japan Fair Trade Commission has developed “Guidelines of the Concept of Public Support for Revitalization in view of Competition Policy” (hereinafter the “Guidelines”) and has made it public (The Guidelines is attached herewith as Annex.).
2.  In developing the Guidelines, the Japan Fair Trade Commission released its original draft on January 27, 2016 and had sought opinions from various parties concerned until February 26, 2016. 12 opinions were submitted. After having carefully considered these opinions, the Japan Fair Trade Commission eventually decided to maintain the original draft.
3.  The Japan Fair Trade Commission expects that hereafter supporting organizations for public support for revitalization will take heed of the Guidelines, and will finalize specific details of public support for revitalization, if necessary, in cooperation with regulatory agencies and after having examined and assessed in advance the possible influences of support on market competition. Thus, the influences of public support for revitalization on competition will be minimized.