Axel Schulz

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Axel Schulz has been involved in a broad range of EC and German competition law matters. During his work on merger control under both EU and German law he has dealt with collective dominance and countervailing buyer power, as well as structural links issues in industries including paper and pulp, aluminum, electricity generation and distribution and pharmaceuticals. His recent deals include cases M.4418 — Nycomed/Altana (pharmaceuticals), M.3435 — Lyondell/Millennium (base and specialty chemicals), M.3179 — Sapa/Remy Claeys (aluminium extrusion) and M.2499 Norske Skog/Haindl (newsprint and magazine paper — Phase II investigation). Mr. Schulz has particular proficiency in the pharmaceutical industry, where he advises on competition law issues in the fields of distribution, co-marketing, licensing and other kinds of vertical and horizontal cooperation agreements. He represented GSK in a number of cases before the European Courts in Luxembourg, including case T-168/01 (GSK Spain — dual pricing), case C-501/06 (GSK Spain — appeal of case T-168/01 — pending), case C-53/03 (Syfait) where he also assisted in proceedings before the Hellenic Competition Committee and joined cases C-468/06 to C-478/06 (rerun of Syfait — pending). In addition to pharmaceuticals, Mr. Schulz has been involved in a number of important competition cases before the European Courts, including cases T-65/98 and C-552/03 — Van den Bergh Foods v. Commission (ice cream freezer exclusivity), case T-113/07 — Toshiba v. Commission (appeal of GIS cartel decision — pending), case T-21/05 — Halcor v. Commission (appeal of plumbing tube cartel decision — pending). He regularly advises companies on cartel investigations and has implemented many antitrust compliance programs for multinational companies.

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