Christian Frois

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Dr. Frois specializes in the development of innovative research and strategies for pharmaceutical and biotech companies in the United States and internationally. His experience includes developing pricing, market access, and health outcomes strategies for medications across a wide range of therapeutic areas (e.g., CKD, CNS, CV, diabetes, hematology, immunology, infectious diseases, oncology, pain, pulmonology, urology) and therapeutic settings (e.g., retail vs. institutional) both at the global and U.S. levels; and the joint optimization of brand investments across geographies and investment areas (e.g., detailing/sampling, payer, DTC). He has also undertaken optimal redeployment of a 3,000-member sales force; identification of new pipeline opportunities for top 10 pharmaceutical and drug delivery companies; review and optimization of the tendered business for a European pharmaceutical company across its global portfolio; and optimization of the R&D portfolio of a global pharmaceutical company. Dr. Frois also has consulting experience in chemicals, energy, IT/technology, mining, and telecommunications. Prior to joining Analysis Group, Dr. Frois was an assistant principal in the pharmaceuticals practice of CRA International. Previously, he was an assistant director at Ernst & Young in London.

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