Jennifer Cascone Fauver

Jennifer Cascone Fauver

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Ms. Cascone Fauver consults on matters in the areas of antitrust litigation and merger analysis. Her work has been incorporated into expert testimony and presentations to regulatory agencies. She has researched the competitive effects of a variety of mergers and acquisitions and has provided statistical and economic analysis, as well as estimates of damages in both civil and criminal matters related to pricing fixing, bid rigging, allegations of attempted monopolization, and other disputes. Ms. Cascone Fauver’s research ranges across many industries, including pharmaceuticals, health care, telecommunications, explosives, commercial tissue paper, scrap metal, feed additives, aviation, tobacco, foodservice, television and radio, precious metals, agriculture, electricity metering, milk, insulation, rebar, textile products, video services, CDs, chemical products, eye glasses, flat glass, and anticoagulants.

Prior to joining NERA, Ms. Cascone Fauver worked with the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve, where she provided economic analysis for policy decisions. She received her MA in economics from George Washington University, where her research involved a study of deregulation in the energy sector. She received her BA in economics, summa cum laude and with High Honors, from the Whittemore School of Business at the University of New Hampshire, where her research focused on finding cohesion between the antitrust and competition policies of the United States and those of European countries.

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