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Dr. Florian Wagner-von Papp joined the Faculty and the Institute of Global Law in September 2005. He is a Director of the UCL Institute of Global Law and the UCL Centre for Law and Economics. He is a member of the Academic Board of the UCL Jevons Institute, an elected member of the Walter Eucken Institute and participates in the Research Network on Innovation and Competition Policy (RNIC). He is a reporter to the European Centre for Tort and Insurance Law in Vienna. Before joining UCL, he was lecturer at the Faculty of Laws of the University of Tuebingen and academic assistant at the Chair of Professor Moeschel. He read law at the University of Tuebingen on a scholarship from the German National Academic Foundation and received his first law degree in 1998. After his trainee period in London, Tuebingen and Stuttgart, he passed the qualifying Second State Examination in 2000. In 2002, he was awarded a Master of Laws degree with first class honours (James Kent Scholar) by Columbia Law School (New York). In 2004, the University of Tuebingen awarded him a PhD degree summa cum laude.

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