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Cooperation with Public Institutions - A New Guidebook

Competition Council of Lithuania, Guidebook, 2016

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The Competition Council, in response to the rapidly changing business environment and to reduce the rules of competition law infringement risks, to establish cooperation with public authorities memory (hereinafter - Memo).

Recently, at the time, there were cases where a public authority action creates favorable conditions for companies to infringe competition law or encourage restrictive business cooperation. The Competition Council notes that the mere fact that restrictive agreements are concluded with the state bodies of knowledge or incentive, does not release the company from liability. It is expected that this memo will bring more clarity to both sides: companies and associations will help to answer the questions raised in cooperation with the public sector and public authorities - to evaluate whether their actions restrict competition and does not create conditions for enterprises violate fair competition principles.

The memo competitors to provide role models of cooperation with public authorities and information on what the state institutions should be able to create conditions for companies to incur liability. Companies memo will also find tips on how to avoid such situations.