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Intellectual Property Enforcement Guidelines

Canadian Competition Bureau, Guidelines, 2016

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These Intellectual Property Enforcement Guidelines (the "Guidelines") articulate how the Bureau approaches the interface between competition policy and IP rights. They describe how the Bureau will determine whether conduct involving IP raises an issue under the Act. They also explain how the Bureau distinguishes between those circumstances that warrant a referral to the Attorney General under section 32 of the Act, and those that will be examined under the general provisions. Because of their subject matter, the Guidelines are necessarily technical in nature and are primarily targeted to IP and competition law practitioners.
These Guidelines are not intended to restate the law or to constitute a binding statement of how the Commissioner will exercise discretion in a particular situation. The enforcement decisions of the Commissioner and the ultimate resolution of issues will depend on the particular circumstances of each case. Final determination of the law is the responsibility of the Competition Tribunal (the "Tribunal") and the courts.
The Bureau will review these Guidelines annually and will revise them as needed in light of experience, changing circumstances and decisions of the Tribunal and the courts.